Ask Your Dentist Why Abingdon, VA Athletes Need Mouth Protection

Serious athletes know they need the protection of a mouthguard. But even recreational sports enthusiasts can benefit from a mouthguard. And your dentist in Abingdon, VA knows about a new style of mouth protection that can improve any athlete's stamina and performance.

In past studies, Under Armour mouthwear has proven to increase an athlete's strength and endurance, decrease athletic stress, and improve reaction time. The mouthguard also reduces the possibility of a concussion and help protect teeth and jaws during impact.

Your Abingdon, VA dentist can introduce you to two types of performance-enhancing mouthwear:

  • Non-contact sports mouthguard (fits over lower teeth and protects jaw) 
  • Contact sports mouthguard (fits over the upper teeth & improves performance while protecting teeth and jaw from impact)

How Can an Under Armour Mouthguard Make You Stronger?

Whether you're training or playing, your body undergoes stress, which causes your jaw to clench. Clenching puts pressure on your TM joints, signaling the brain's release of a stress hormone called cortisol. Excess levels of cortisol increase fatigue, decrease metabolism, and reduce muscle-building.

Under Armour performance-enhancing mouthwear relieves the pressure on your jaw joint caused by clenching, helping your jaw stay in a relaxed position. When the pressure's off, excess amounts of cortisol are not released into your system. This optimum jaw position also helps increase air flow. In addition, allowing more oxygen to flow through your lungs inhibits the build-up of lactic acid in muscles.

If you think this mouthwear would be beneficial to you, we'll help you get started by taking impressions of your teeth. These will be sent to the lab to be fabricated to your specific dimensions. We'll check the fit when you return in about two weeks' time.

Keep your competitive edge and protect your healthy smile with performing-enhancing mouthwear from Under Armour. Call Dr. Johnston's office today at (276) 623-2211 for more information.

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